April 15, 1985 12:00 PM

Kim Wilde

A comely British pop singer, Wilde made quite a splash with her 1981 single, Kids in America, which became an international hit. She’s been trying to duplicate that success ever since. Teases and Dares is an affable LP, but it isn’t going to stand the world on its ear. Kim’s brother, Ricky, and their father, Marty, wrote and produced nearly all the songs. They favor a brisk brand of synth-pop with a catchy melodic hook in the chorus. On such songs as Go For It, which owes a debt to the Human League, as well as The Touch and Is It Over, Kim’s voice has the clear timbre of Scandal’s Patty Smyth. On moodier tunes, such as Bladerunner and Fit In, her voice takes on a more nasal, sibilant tone, similar to Rickie Lee Jones’. A highlight on the record is the rockabilly guitar line Steve Byrd creates for Rage To Love by overdubbing some vintage Fender and Gibson guitars. For those whose taste runs to Abba-flavored pudding pop, Teases and Dares is a safe stroll on the Wilde side. (MCA)

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