1 After a show in Washington, D.C., my guitar player, fiddle player, one of my dancers and I went to the Lincoln Memorial and then to the top of the Washington Monument to look all over the city. It was one of the coolest experiences.

2 Nicki Minaj sang “Super Bass” with me at the Staples Center [in L.A.]. She’d been across the street at the VMAs, so nobody [in the audience] expected her at my show. She walked out and absolutely rocked it.

3 At the end of every show, I get on a balcony and kind of fly around above the crowd singing “Love Story.” I love the gown I wear—it’s long, princessy, sparkly and dramatic.

4 Before I go onstage, I quickly write a quote on my arm. My favorite is still my friend Selena [Gomez]’s lyric “You’ve got every right/ To a beautiful life.”

5 I like when people wrap themselves in Christmas lights and I can see them jumping around. Then there are funny signs. Sometimes I get scared that if I’m reading them I will forget the lyrics!

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