March 10, 2003 12:00 PM

The keggers, the hazing, the hangovers: Saturday Night Live alum Will Ferrell relived his University of Southern California frat days in the campus comedy Old School. He even agreed to streak in front of rapper Snoop Dogg. “He was like, ‘Man, you’re crazy,’ ” says Ferrell, 35. “But if the money is right, I’m there.”

Britney Spears, not cash, induced him to do an SNL skit in February, a mock update of his life since he left the show in ’02. “They had me living as an organic gardener and then revealed my bride was Britney,” he says. “It doesn’t sound like a bad life.”

His real life isn’t so bad either—despite some freaky fans. “It’s usually guys in baseball caps who ask me to do cheerleading routines in airports,” he says. Ferrell does hold dear one memento from the show: the frumpy blue dress he wore to play former Attorney General Janet Reno. At the Hollywood Hills home he shares with his wife of almost three years, actress Viveca, 33, he jokes, “I still wear it to garden in.”

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