By Monica Rizzo Tom Gliatto and Liza Hamm
Updated January 29, 2007 12:00 PM

Alexandra Pelosi

The documentary filmmaker—you may know her mother, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi—looks at America’s evangelicals for HBO’s Friends of God, premiering Jan. 25.

ON MEETING EVANGELICALS I was like an ambassador from the blue states—they realized I wasn’t a fire-breathing dragon. We have this impression that all religious people are Jesus freaks. They’re not caricatures, and we should take them seriously, because they are a formidable force.

ON BEING THE SPEAKER’S DAUGHTER It hasn’t changed my life one bit. I’m still sitting at home changing diapers. [Son Paul Michael is 8 weeks old.] Every time my mom calls she asks about baby feedings. No matter how important she may be, all she cares about is baby feedings. It’s inspiring to see how one woman can do it all—raise a family and have a super career.

ON A SPECIAL INVITE President Bush [the subject of her 2002 documentary Journeys with George] sent a letter to Paul Michael recently saying, “Come visit, you’ll really like the Oval Office.” Maybe I’ll take him to D.C. That kid will get quite the tour.