January 11, 1999 12:00 PM

>Greg Germann

Greg Germann is used to performing loony antics on Ally McBeal, but even he was surprised when he was asked to resuscitate a frog in the Nov. 2 episode. “All my life, I only caught them. I never had to act with one,” says Germann, 40, who plays Richard Fish, Ally’s law firm boss. “But I loved the frog. The little boy in me came out when we’d play with it between shots.”

Germann, the son of a playwright father and homemaker mom, grew up acting in local stage productions in Golden, Colo. In the early ’80s he moved to New York City and began landing Off-Broadway roles. After winning parts on the short-lived TV shows Sweet Justice and Ned and Stacey, he was tapped by Ally creator David E. Kelley for the loopy law firm in 1997. “Sometimes,” says Kelley, “you cast an actor who has the talent to do anything, and that is Greg.” In addition to attempting to revive a frog, Germann has stretched his range by mud-wrestling a woman on Ally. “That’s the beauty of the show,” says Germann, who lives in a small Spanish-style L.A. home with wife Christine, 33, an actress, and son Asa, 1. “I get to do these things that appeal to 5-year-olds.”

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