Picks and Pans Review: Talking With...

>Emma Samms

“It’s not about my bust measurement,” says Emma Samms, explaining why she favors her new life as a reclusive screenwriter to her old one as a soap siren on Dynasty and Models Inc. (her last regular TV job). Samms, whose first script—about a deaf-mute who witnesses a robbery—became the USA Network film His Bodyguard (Wednesday, July 22, 9 p.m. ET), is delighted to be using a very different part of her anatomy as a screen scribe. “It felt so good to have done something from my brain entirely,” says Samms, 37. “Writing was much more satisfying than any acting job I’ve ever had. When I visited the set in Canada, I felt like I was sitting at the grown-ups’ table at last.”

Samms gets to play real-life adult roles round-the-clock these days as the dutiful mom of Cameron, 20 months, and Beatrice, 4 months, and as the wife of psychiatrist John Holloway, 39, in leafy Gloucestershire, England, where she moved two years ago. But doesn’t she yearn occasionally for the Hollywood glamour game? “I don’t feel like I have to wear makeup, get dressed up and worry about disappointing anybody,” says Samms. “I’m long over that.”

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