June 01, 1998 12:00 PM

>Beth Littleford

Killing Them Softly

Beth Littleford’s interview style is pure Barbara Walters: the gauzy lighting, the compassionate gaze, the soft-spoken sincerity that trickles into smarminess. But, as sole female correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Little-ford, 29, sticks to—and sticks it to—an un-Baba list of C-grade celebrities. She asked David Duke how to get stains out of a white sheet (Clorox, the white supremacist said blankly); cajoled Fabio into describing himself as a cut of meat (when the romance-novel cover boy answered, “T-bone,” she sighed, “Oh, Fabio!”); and stumped Dionne Warwick with the question: Why didn’t the singer’s clairvoyant associates foresee the bankruptcy of the Psychic Friends Network?

Littleford’s twice-monthly, three-minute segments are mercilessly funny. So why would any celebrity sit down with her? “Either they’re desperate enough for the attention, or they’re just trusting,” says Little-ford, who’ll marry Daily Show supervising producer Rob Fox in July. “I don’t want to hurt people,” she adds, “especially someone who doesn’t deserve it. David Duke deserved it a little bit.”

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