July 14, 1997 12:00 PM

>Jon Bon Jovi


JON BON JOVI HAS ACHIEVED PLENTY of fame as a rocker, and his recognition as an actor is sure to grow with the release of several new movies he’s in. But at home with wife Dorothea and children Stephanie Rose, 4, and Jesse James, 2, his star is eclipsed by another multifaceted performer. When Stephanie Rose asks why people want to take her daddy’s picture, Bon Jovi says, he reminds her of the time he took her ” ‘to see Barney [and] all the people wanted to take his picture. Well, people kind of think of Daddy like they think of Barney.’ ”

At 35, Bon Jovi has no intention of becoming a dinosaur. His new solo album Destination Anywhere is more introspective than the chart-topping, light metal pop (“Runaway”) he and his band, Bon Jovi, were known for in the ’80s. And with two movies—Homegrown and Little City—coming out this fall, he’s also serious about acting. Despite a critically praised debut in 1995’s Moonlight and Valentino, Bon Jovi, who recently finished shooting Long Time, Nothing New (costarring Lauren Holly), feels he’s just a novice. “Music [is] something you really pick up playing in the garage,” he says. “Acting is this craft, something you have to learn.” Long Time director Ed Burns (She’s the One) says Bon Jovi’s education is progressing nicely: “I was surprised at how he was never reluctant to show his vulnerable side.”

Bon Jovi’s role model? “You have to think of Francis Albert Sinatra,” he says. “That guy made 50 movies, and he was still singing at 80 years old. Now that’s a hell of a career.”

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