By People Staff
November 11, 1996 12:00 PM

>Garry Shandling


Let Letterman and Leno slug it out for ratings supremacy on TV’s late shift. The real champ, in the opinion of many cable TV viewers, is The Larry Sanders Show, HBO’s Emmy-winning sitcom about the behind-the-scenes lunacy at a fictitious talk show. Gearing up for Sanders’ fifth-season debut (Wed., Nov. 13), producer-star Garry Shandling gives correspondent Craig Tomashoff a sneak preview.

What is different about the show this season?

Larry will have a new [guest] booker, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub. Janeane Garofalo, who has been playing our booker, will be in at least two episodes. Larry will thank her for her work, saying, “I couldn’t do interviews without the questions you give me to ask the guests, because I just don’t have any curiosity about them.”

Who are some of the celebrity guests you’ve lined up?

We just finished an episode where Elvis Costello sells Hank [Garry’s announcer, played by Jeffrey Tambor] a car that explodes. And Larry thinks David Duchovny has a crush on him, and he’s feeling a little awkward about it.

Are there guests you haven’t been able to book?

I am hoping that when the Pope feels better, he’ll come on. But his people are being pretty difficult. It seems they have problems with our wardrobe. He can’t wear anything too white.