September 09, 1996 12:00 PM

>Suzanne Vega


Since Suzanne Vega gave birth to her daughter Ruby in 1994 and married the baby’s father, producer Mitchell Froom, the following year, the once waifish singer-songwriter has adopted a more worldly look and attitude. “[Motherhood] unlocked things in me that had always been there before,” says Vega, whose Froom-produced, latest CD is Nine Objects of Desire. “I felt like, I’m 37 years old now, so this is a good time to be a woman.”

The new album sounds more sensual than your previous efforts.

There were always some people who felt that I had a sexy voice, even though I presented myself as very asexual and boyish. But on this record the subject matter is more seductive. That might have to do with the birth of my daughter, because when you’re pregnant it’s hard to dress in a boyish way. Suddenly I had big breasts, big hips, and I found that I wanted to dress in a more feminine way. It was hard for me to continue feeling boyish.

How has motherhood affected your daily routine?

It’s difficult to concentrate every day on writing, because when you have a baby it makes everything kind of crazy. My husband says I’ve changed because I sing more now. And I laugh more, and I probably eat more. I definitely have more of an appetite than I had before.

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