July 17, 1995 12:00 PM

>Stewart Copeland


Since the Police disbanded in 1984 suffering from the usual supergroup tensions and clashing egos, each member has continued to thrive musically. Sting has gone on to be a hot solo artist, Summers has recorded six albums on his own, and Copeland has composed film and TV scores (for Wall Street and HBO’s The Mike Tyson Story) as well as operas and ballets. “The Police was almost the perfect band experience,” now says the 42-year-old Copeland nostalgically from an L.A. recording studio, where he’s mixing an album he did with the Albany Symphony Orchestra. “Nobody died of a drug overdose, we went all over the world, and when it was over we were poised to embark upon new careers.”

What do you miss about the band?

The thing I remember most fondly were the concerts. The early days in the van were fun. The next stage, when we were in airport lounges all day, was miserable. And then when we had our own plane, that was comfortable. Those shows were hassle-free, and there was just the music without distractions.

When did you last perform together?

At Sting’s wedding [to longtime love Trudie Styler] in 1992. There were some funny moments. We were playing “Roxanne,” and Andy, just like we used to do, screwed up this one guitar part, and I played my favorite drum fill right over Sting’s favorite vocal thing, and we just looked at each other. In the past we would have thrown bricks, but we laughed….These days we still see each other occasionally. It’s like siblings. You don’t see your brother all the time, but you keep important, if infrequent, communications going.

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