November 06, 1995 12:00 PM

>Gloria Estefan


THE TITLE OF GLORIA ESTEFAN’S new, all-Spanish album Abriendo Puertas means “opening doors” in English, but the Latina pop star seems happiest within the confines of her sprawling house on Miami’s Star Island. Not even the lure of shopping for clothes is enough to draw her away. Fortunately her husband, record producer Emilio Estefan Jr., 42, is only too glad to raid the stores on her behalf. “Some gene in me makes me hate trying on clothes,” says the 38-year-old Estefan. “Emilio knows my body and my taste and loves to shop for me when he’s traveling. I’m blessed.”

She’s even less hands-on when administering parental discipline around the house. “I don’t spank my kids,” says Estefan, who has two children—Nayib, 15, and Emily, 10 months. “I punish. For example, Nayib hates writing lines over and over. One punishment he didn’t like was repeatedly writing, ‘I will not moon the tour boats that pass by’ After that he never did it again.”

Besides her son’s daytime mischief, Estefan says she has also been fretting over a recurring nighttime dream. “I wore chaps in the [Miami Sound Machine] video for the single ‘1-2-3,’ and do you know what one of my nightmares is?” she asks with a laugh. “It’s that I’ll grow old and senile and wear those particular chaps in my house with long, curly, gray hair and my butt at my ankles. People do strange things when they get old. Can you imagine, I put them on and start yelling, ‘I’m the conga queen!’ What a nightmare.”

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