February 15, 1993 12:00 PM

>Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones


“THIS TIME THE REVOLUTION WILL BE computerized,” sings Mike Edwards on “Zeroes and Ones,” the lead track on Perverse. For Edwards, 28, who writes all the group’s songs, the line is more than words; it’s his mantra. “We don’t consider ourselves a techno band, but this was made as a techno album would be, in a little room in my house with everybody playing digital instruments.” Noting that there are no actual guitars, drums, etc., Edwards says with a smile, “I went to the producer with a whole bunch of floppy discs and said, This is our album.’

“I like coming out and flinging this in people’s faces,” he continues. “People need to be shocked out of this cretinous attitude that if you don’t [play conventional instruments] it’s not real music. Technology doesn’t limit you. You can’t tell a hit record that has a real drummer from one that has programmed drums. There are even features now called Human Feel, where you program mistakes in. We didn’t need to,” he adds with a laugh, “because we had real people playing and we kept the mistakes in.”

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