October 03, 1988 12:00 PM

Buckwheat Zydeco

Stanley Dural Jr., alter ego of Buckwheat Zydeco, can take a bow for helping spread the gospel of zydeco music, a catchy hybrid of R&B and accordion-driven Creole music. But while his second major-label LP will reassure purists that Buckwheat hasn’t sold out, it is not as interesting or as much fun as his 1987 debut, On a Night Like This. Buckwheat and producer Ted Fox pushed the limits of the genre on that LP; Taking It Home, by comparison, seems high spirited but repetitive. Dural’s working friendship with Eric Clapton produced the album’s high point, a ripsnorting cover of the bluesman’s own Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad Buckwheat’s II Sont Partis Band coaxes Clapton into playing with the passion he displayed 15 years ago with his old cohorts Derek & the Dominoes. But one inspired tune does not an album make. The remaining nine songs are acceptable but far from the best that Buckwheat has to offer. (Island)

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