March 23, 1987 12:00 PM

Better yet, don’t. The concept is sound—easy exercises for the over-50 set—but the production is sloppy. Boone, now 52 and the grandfather of 11, shows up in a class led by Florida health club franchiser Connie Letney, a short woman with ample thighs and a nervous giggle. Boone follows her awkwardly through a simple warm-up, cardiovascular and floor series. As the routine intensifies Letney’s audible grunts and gasps (amplified by a tiny mike clipped to her leotard) are nearly as distracting as Boone’s insipid comments. Seniors do not really have to be addressed as if they were all guests of Mr. Rogers, do they? The video closes with Boone suggesting we should all be thanking God for our bodies and shamelessly hawking the products of his new nutritional supplement company. Those who are in the market for a beginner’s cardiovascular workout will find that Do It Debbie’s Way (Reynolds, that is) does it better. (All Seasons Entertainment, $19.95)

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