By Jeff Jarvis
November 21, 1988 12:00 PM

NBC (Mon., Nov. 21, 9 p.m. ET)


The title is hackneyed and unfunny. But the movie is even worse. Rue (The Golden Girls) McClanahan plays the unbearably meddlesome mother of four grown, single daughters—Stepfanie (Hunter) Kramer, Susan (L.A. Law) Ruttan, Deidre (Our House) Hall and Kim (All My Children) Delaney. Note that four of the five actresses listed so far are NBC stars and now you have an idea why this movie was made. It wasn’t to entertain. It was to employ. Anyway, Mother McClanahan decides—for no good reason—that her daughters should be married, so she berates their boyfriends, takes out personal ads for the poor women and stops strange men on the street and hands out her daughters’ phone numbers. All this silliness is filled with non sequiturs and nonsense: “I know the words to the Beverly Hillbillies, and I can’t balance my own checkbook,” says Kramer. Not only is the idea for the movie prefeminist, sexist and brainless, but the execution is awful too. Take my TV, please.