December 10, 2007 12:00 PM

by Sue Grafton |



The scrappy, no-nonsense appeal of P.I. Kinsey Millhone lives on in this 20th installment of Grafton’s iconic series. While her beloved VW bug has been replaced by a “gaudy Grabber blue” Mustang and her cop boyfriend is now an ex, Millhone is still the same chardonnay-sipping good old girl who has charmed readers for 25 years. What’s different is the decidedly darker territory explored here—a frighteningly real tangle of identity theft and elder abuse that occurs when Millhone’s octogenarian neighbor Gus falls prey to a devious home nurse named Solana Rojas. As this “trespasser” schemes to bilk him out of his savings, Millhone wises up to the fact that Gus, like a trail of unlucky invalids before him, is in deep danger. After a slow start mired in insipid subplots, the story takes off, with the evil Rojas emerging as a riveting villain and the action accelerating to a thrilling, if gory, finish.

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