April 20, 1987 12:00 PM

NBC (Sat., April 18, 8:30 p.m. ET)


Let’s not use that name starting with Y. Let’s call these people something else, something that, by the mere sound of the word, describes them: Munnies. So here’s another series about two well-groomed, well-spent Munnies, the Holdens. In the predictable evolution of Munnies, they’ve advanced past TV’s other haute couple, Jack and Mike. The Holdens have tired of buying things and have decided to make things: babies. Call the kids Penny and Buck (they don’t, but you can). In the episode I saw (which will be changed to add a character), Mark Blum as Mr. Holden and Dana Delany as Ms. Holden write a will. It’s a real-life kinda problem because that’s the kinda show this is. Surrender’s husband-and-wife creators based the series on their own lives. As status symbols go, autobiographical sitcoms beat cars any day. The show isn’t all that bad. No, Blum and Delany are as nice as their house. It’s just that TV tries too hard sometimes to appeal to an upper class of people by giving them caricatures of themselves. Munnies aren’t watching Jack and Mike and didn’t watch Kay O’Brien or Hometown. Surrender is better than those, but it’s still a cliché at its core.

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