March 23, 1987 12:00 PM

Here is Chaffee, that old purveyor of lip balm, flying, twirling and swiveling in slow motion with a plume of white powder in her wake. Her rigorous 58-minute regimen, sanctioned by the U.S. Recreational Ski Association, limbers and strengthens upper and lower muscle groups. There are side-to-side slalom steps, abdominal tucks and plenty of leg and knee work, most of it done indoors without skis. She explains how to warm up in the snow, how to dive more aggressively into turns and how to mash those moguls. Ever-effervescent and svelte at 40, Chaffee is a competent instructor, but when she purrs, “you party animals” into the camera, Suzy merely seems silly. (Today Home Entertainment, $29.95)

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