By People Staff
September 06, 2004 12:00 PM

Jon Voight, Scott Baio


This is one of those what-could-they-have-been-thinking movies. A confused, ugly-looking and unfunny sequel to Baby Geniuses (1999), which was no great shakes itself, Superbabies gives off as foul a whiff as maybe coming from the diapers much of its knee-high cast are wearing. The inspirations here obviously were Spy Kids and Agent Cody Banks. A kid superhero (played by triplets Leo, Myles and Gerry Fitzgerald) battles an evil mogul (Voight) intent on world domination. Eventually our hero grants special powers to four younger tots—yes, superbabies-to aid his cause. Voight stomps about as if this all were jolly fun, but fellow adult stars Baio and Vanessa Angel, as a couple running a daycare center, wear the pinched expressions of cheerleaders who know all hope is lost. (PG)