September 10, 1984 12:00 PM

Despite the advent of the United States Football League, there still are a few days when it isn’t possible to watch football on television. This video collection will take care of that. Embracing three cassettes that run about seven hours, Super Bowl MMM Chronicles highlights every National Football League championship clash from the history-making Kansas City/Green Bay contest in 1967 to the lopsided triumph of L.A. over Washington in 1984’s Super Bowl XVIII. From that very first game football and the networks have been wedded to each other, so it’s appropriate that this historical survey should appear in the video form. The tapes are a monument to instant replay, and the games take on a shape and plan, like the great battles of history. The evolution of the sport, as played and watched, can be charted, too. If the philosophy of it doesn’t appeal to you, maybe the bone crunching and head bashing will. The same price could buy season tickets on the 50-yard line, but these tapes are the video equivalent. (NFL Films Video, $199.99)

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