September 25, 2006 12:00 PM

Brothers & Sisters

ABC (10 p.m. ET)


Isn’t it time for Ann Coulter to have her own sitcom? Anything to take my mind off Calista Flockhart’s dismal comeback. In her first TV role since Ally McBeal, the actress—a very good one—plays a right-leaning talk-radio host who moves from New York back to L.A. as she considers making the transition to TV. Catching up with her dysfunctional family (which is about to be socked by business troubles and more), she whines about 9/11 and war in a sweet, mealy way. Sally Field, as her mother, tends to use the same tone. It’s like two lab mice comparing notes. The show wants to mix in big themes (politics, money) with a family soap opera, but it just feels bloated and vague.


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