Glau, 26, is all geared up about playing a good android on FOX’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

YOU DON’T LOOK LETHALLY STRONG. I danced full time, but then I got hurt so I changed to acting. I never imagined doing heavy action roles but I’m loving it! I get teased, though. The first thing my sister said when I was cast was, “Now you’ve got to come up with a bad-ass catchphrase!”

HOW DID YOU PREP? Terminator boot camp! It’s not what people think. [I learned] how to move without having any human tics and tendencies. For me, [the challenge] was sitting down but never crossing my legs or arms. Never adjusting my clothes. A Terminator just wouldn’t. We also went to the shooting range.

ARE YOU A GUNSLINGER YET? I’m pretty good! I bought some books [beforehand], because I didn’t want the prop guys to think I was just a stupid girl who didn’t know how to use [guns]. They’re complicated!

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