By People Staff
September 30, 1985 12:00 PM

If you only miss one movie this year, make sure this is it. Exploitive, misogynist, stupid and boring, it is also gratuitously violent and unqualifiedly lamebrained. Its emotional highlight is the poignant theme song: “Sudden death/Sudden death/No time/For regrets.” In the already depressing tradition of Death Wish and Ms. 45, it is about a New York woman who, after being raped and beaten, sets out for revenge. Denise Coward plays the vigilantette; the rest of the cast has done a similarly admirable job of keeping their existence secret from the movie-going public until now. In fact there are fewer familiar people on the entire list of credits than might be found in, say, a random selection of names from the Kearney, Nebr. phone book. Those folks in Kearney could undoubtedly make a better movie too. (R)