By People Staff
January 16, 1984 12:00 PM

Adam Ant

Ant is no longer the rock barbarian. He seems to be honing a new image as a punk Rudolph Valentino. (On the inner-sleeve photo of this LP, he’s wearing little more than an earring, a tattoo and pubic hair.) This collection is suggestive, but the music is melodically coherent. Ant and composing partner Marco Pirroni mix cleverness with soft-core smut in their lyrics too. In Vanity, for instance, Ant sings, “Money’s money my little honey/A rich man’s jokes are always funny/Build them walls but I’m coming through/ Don’t trouble trouble till it troubles you.” That might make people forgive such Ant-Pirroni works as Navel to Neck and the tender Baby, Let Me Scream at You.