By People Staff
October 14, 1985 12:00 PM

Lee Greenwood

If Kenny Rogers doesn’t watch out, Greenwood is going to corner the market on ingratiating, gravel-voiced country pop. This album certainly has a chummy feel to it. Greenwood has his vocal limitations, notably a restricted range beyond which he stops tickling the fancy and starts tormenting the eardrums, as he demonstrates here on The Will To Love. He does have a smooth, intimate sort of delivery, though—what else would you expect from somebody who apprenticed in Las Vegas?—and he and producer Jerry Crutchfield have dug up some likable songs. Try Mark Nesler’s A Little at a Time or the Charlie Black-Austin Roberts-Tommy Rocco collaboration, Leave My Heart the Way You Found It. Don’t expect to come away from this album shouting “Eureka!” but it’s a pleasant enough 34 minutes. (MCA)