March 10, 1986 12:00 PM


If there isn’t yet a genre called neurotic rock, this Los Angeles sextet must have invented it. The hit single off its debut LP last year was Obsession, and this new album includes such jumpy tracks as Out of Control, Stranded, Staring Down the Demons and Anxiety. If it’s not Mantovani, it’s not as full of whacked-out alienation as might seem either. The band’s sound is a mix of techno-pop and straight-ahead rock held together by the vocals of Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane. The group’s earlier album suggested that Wadhams, whose voice is a trifle soft, and Plane, who hits a little too hard, come across better together than solo. On this album, I Engineer and Out of Control both offer spunky duets that add to the attractive if polyglot texture. No Nobel prize for the LP’s lyrics seems likely—”Anxiety attack/ Moving under my bed/ Only wish I could see/ Screaming inside my head/ Something searching for me.” But there’s no intentional insulting going on either, and Animotion manages to be, well, they’re probably going to hate this: likable. (Casablanca)

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