By People Staff
September 11, 1989 12:00 PM

Nanci Griffith

Griffith, the country-folky Texan with the voice that makes you think of persimmons, seems in this album to have decided to go on a sabbatical from romance.

From Griffith and James Hooker’s tune of composed resignation, “I Don’t Want to Talk About Love,” to her own “You Made This Love a Teardrop,” Griffith spends most of her time in a rueful mood that fits her style. “It’s a Hard Life Wherever You Go” does digress to lament the war in Northern Ireland, racism in Chicago and other woes. But mostly, Griffith, helped at moments by such duet vocals as Phil Everly’s on “You Made This Love a Teardrop,” seems intent on comforting those who have had a rough time in the love-life department and are wondering whether the whole business is worth the trouble. (MCA)