June 01, 1992 12:00 PM

The Disney Channel (Sun., May 31, 7 P.M. ET)


This sequel to Disney’s two previous Not Quite Human comedy adventures returns Alan Thicke as an inventor and Jay Underwood as the android he passes off as his son, Chip. In this story, Thicke is abducted by an evil industrialist (Christopher Neame), who wants to pick his brain. In his place, Neame leaves an android replica of Thicke. Together the father and son machines set out to rescue the human Thicke. Adam Philipson, Rosa Nevin and Betsy Palmer costar.

Though the special effects have improved, the most striking aspect of the sequel is its visual impact. It’s more eye-burstingly bright and colorful than anything this side of a laundry commercial—a perfect complement to the channel’s bleachy-clean approach to programming. That vividness, though, is entirely missing from the hackneyed script. For Thicke, this is the role of a lifetime: The Canadian actor plays a robot with remarkable conviction.

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