June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Years go by without the movies producing a female comedy team; now there are two in the same week. Next to Bette and Lily, though, Melanie Mayron and Helen Slater stack up as small potatoes. What a shame. Mayron is a delight on TV’s thirtysomething, and Slater survived the debacle of Supergirl to emerge as a witty foil for Midler in Ruthless People. But Mayron and first-time feature director Catlin Adams (also the co-producers and co-screenwriters) have come up with a witless excuse for a movie. Two struggling New York musicians and roomies, Mayron and Slater must pay their back rent or be tossed onto the streets of the big bad city. Instead they peek into a large bag left in their care by a dealer friend and discover nearly a million in drug money. What’s next-a crisis of conscience? Nope. It’s a shopping spree. The girls play The Price Is Right for real, while the mob breathes down their necks. Kooky fun? Try maddening twinkiness. Face it, these women are too stupid to care about. Face it, if men had made this movie they’d be filleted and fried by feminists. Face it, you can’t blame New York for this mess. (PG-13)

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