October 03, 1988 12:00 PM

Syndicated (check local listings)


Almost. But not quite. If the lines were a little funnier, the gags a little fresher, the timing a little less syncopated, then this could be an okay sitcom. Maybe. Bill (Bob Newhart) Daily plays a veterinarian with two kids and a ditzy ex-wife, Connie (Back to the Beach) Stevens. Everything on their show exists to set up a gag. Little Brother complains about Big Sister’s nagging just so Dad can say, “Think of it as a rehearsal for marriage.” Big Sister complains about Little Brother’s whining so Dad can add, “He’s going through that awkward stage between adolescence and adultery.” And Dad gets a patient just so his assistant can give him the chart and say, “Overweight, dull coat, teeth need scraping—and her cat’s just as bad.” The actors do the best they can, but this show looks like one of those spaghetti commercials that try to look like a real show.

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