By Ralph Novak
Updated February 17, 1986 12:00 PM

The series has separate tapes for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, with astrologer Lynne Palmer sitting at a desk reading week-by-week predictions. There is plenty of talk of “financial opportunities” and “romantic interludes” being more or less favorable, but nothing specific, like “buy Ersatz Ltd. when it hits 15½” or “Call Sandra Zimmerman at 7 p.m. Tuesday.” Palmer also has some strange speech habits, such as noting that “lessons in life are particularly confusing,” that “personal plans can be successively initiated,” or “as people in general are likely to daydream, drive offensively.” Well, what the Pisces. Such a bit of advice as “The Mercury retrograde position will cause you to intellectualize feelings more than usual” (for Geminis the week of March 3—March 9) could provide food for thought for a year. (MCA, $19.95 per sign)