By People Staff
April 24, 1978 12:00 PM

Jefferson Starship

Rock fans, who study album covers the way palmists scrutinize palms, will find these ’60s iconoclasts have opted for cover art of a Star Wars kind. That suggests a mass marketing genius turned loose on rock’s ultrafree enterprise system. But then in her simplistically political ballad, Show Yourself, Grace Slick pleads: There are children dying for you / That doesn’t sound like freedom to me. The Starshippers seem to want to share their cake and sell it too, and that makes for indulgent polemics. It also makes for dreary and indistinct music—there are only two certifiable rockers on the LP (Skateboard, All Nite Long). The rest seem to be variations on their giant 1975 hit Miracles. Grace can still belt, but those who know where the group originally came from Haight to see the old Airplane’s engines cooling down.