By Sue Corbett Beth Perry Allison Adato
December 24, 2007 12:00 PM

“I think actually it was Pride and Prejudice. I was totally obsessed from about the age of 8 on.” —KEIRA KNIGHTLEY

“The Story of Ferdinand—the most ferocious bull in all the land—and he just wanted to smell the flowers. It taught me you don’t have to be what you’re not. I still have three or four copies at my house.” —MILO VENTIMIGLIA

Stuart Little. But I was so upset by the ending that I wrote to E.B. White—’Dude, this is bull…t! The bird flies off and Stuart drives off without her?!’ He wrote back, ‘Maybe when you’re older, you’ll understand.’ And of course I do.” —TIM DALY

Anne of Green Gables. I like how Anne acts. She’s always getting herself in trouble.” —ABIGAIL BRESLIN

George’s Marvelous Medicine. I had a horrible nursery school teacher and envisioned myself poisoning her.” —JAMES McAVOY

“I LOVED Amelia Bedelia! And now they have a whole series. I have so much fun reading them to my daughter Ella because I still love them.” —KELLY PRESTON