Stanley Tucci, fashion plate? He’s Meryl Streep’s caustic, gay right-hand man in The Devil Wears Prada—and the actor, 45, chatted with PEOPLE from his exercise bike (“Sorry I’m panting”). Very diva.

ARE YOU ANYTHING LIKE YOUR CHARACTER NIGEL? I’m married with children. Let’s start there. I like clothes. Nigel and I have that in common. I don’t mind shopping. In fact I take my wife shopping. She hates shopping. I love it.

WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH COSTUME DESIGNER PATRICIA FIELDS? Pat opened my eyes. I would say, “I can’t wear that!” and [she would say], “Just put it on.” It worked.

WHAT’S YOUR OFFSCREEN WARDROBE? I wear Hugo Boss and Dries Van Noten, jeans, Levis corduroys, brown boots from Italy, a lot of ties, white shirts. Pretty simple.

NO PASTEL SHIRTS FOR YOU? No, no. Bite your tongue.

ANY FAVORITE PIECES? A black cashmere zip-up sweater that I refuse to not wear every day.

NIGEL WAS INTO THOSE SWEATERS, TOO. He did have them! I guess we’re not that far apart.

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