By People Staff
April 01, 1996 12:00 PM

by Judith Krantz

Krantz’s novels do tend to be like literary Low Boat episodes: Her characters embark lonely and confused and, by the final chapter, find themselves flushed with the glow of newfound romance or, at least, heightened self-esteem. It’s a formula that usually works—after all, who doesn’t need a dose of romantic fantasy?

Unfortunately, Krantz’s latest cast is even more thinly drawn than many of Boat’s two-dimensional TV cruisers. There’s beautiful, insecure ex-dancer Frankie Severino, who hides behind a tough Brooklyn attitude; Justine Loring, her smart, sophisticated, also beautiful, but lonely agent; and a trio of young models—April, Jordan and Tinker—who are all (sigh!) stunningly beautiful but troubled. Arriving in Paris to prepare for a young Italian designer’s debut show, each woman is forced to face her demons and give love a chance.

Fashion junkies might find this insider’s view intriguing, but anyone else will probably want to leave Krantz’s Spring Collection on the rack. (Crown, $24)