February 20, 2012 12:00 PM


Who are your all-time favorite music duos?

PATRICK CARNEY: I love Louis Prima and Keely Smith—they were the perfect duo. And Hall & Oates—I like the beats of songs like “I Can’t Go for That.”

Speaking of beats, who would win in a dance-off?

PATRICK: We are both really good dancers. Seriously. It’d depend on how it was rated.

DAN AUERBACH: And who was more drunk.

What’s the strangest gift a fan has ever given you?

PATRICK We have a song called “Strange Times,” and somebody threw a pair of size 100 women’s underwear onstage with “For strange times, call this number” on it.

Your new album is called El Camino like the old car. What was your first car?

DAN: We both had the same car: a Ford Tempo. Mine was white, two doors, stick shift.

PATRICK: Mine was gray, four-door.

What’s one secret you can tell us about the other?

PATRICK: Well, Dan actually wears Secret deodorant.

DAN: It was on sale.

When you won two Grammys last year, what was the most interesting moment?

PATRICK: We got pushed aside on the red carpet for Kim Kardashian. She got in front of us. Annoying.

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