February 12, 2007 12:00 PM

>30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer

The Macon, Ga.-bred actor, 33, steals scenes on the NBC sitcom as Kenneth, the super-chipper network page.

ON HIS SOUTHERN ACCENT Total sham—I am so Bronx! No, growing up in Macon … this is all I got.

ON WEARING THE NBC PAGE BLAZER It’s not too bad because they gave me a wool one. The real NBC pages have to wear a polyester thing and it doesn’t breathe. If you burned it, it would just melt.

ON CHANNELING KENNETH I wish I could say that I have to amp up my enthusiasm a lot, but I kinda don’t! Oh my gosh—we’re all just having so much fun. Pretty much the whole cast comes to my place on Thursday nights to watch the show together. Well, I mean, not Mr. Baldwin or anything.

YOU CALL HIM MR. BALDWIN? I do. He gets mad: “Please, call me Alec.” I better start!

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