November 21, 2005 12:00 PM

But Can They Sing? VH1’s new show But Can They Sing? could be called American Idol: Celebrity Edition. Viewers vote off a crooner a week until the final two sing before a live audience. Tune in for these familiar faces.


You know him from: The Sopranos. He played mobster Ralphie Cifaretto for nearly two years.

Singing experience: “High School chorus. That’s the extent of my formal training.”

What his family thinks: “My 20-year-old daughter called me after the first show aired to tell me that her boyfriend said I should keep my day job.”


You know her from: ’80s show Falcon Crest and more recently those Old Navy TV ads.

Singing experience: “Sometimes I sing along to the Eagles when I’m in my car-alone.”

Biggest fear: “That I’ll frighten people with my voice. I wish I could sing like Streisand. But that’s an innate talent I will never possess.”


Where you’ve seen him: In the ring. The former heavyweight champ fought Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

Singing experience: “I used to have my own band in the ’80s. We played in Las Vegas and were on David Letterman.”

Why he might win: “My voice carries well. I’m a loud person.”


You know him from: Stints on Melrose Place and General Hospital, and his current gig as Dante Damiano on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Singing experience: “None. I did karaoke once in Miami with my cousin. We were both drunk. I don’t think I could have done it if I wasn’t.”

Chances of winning: “Slim to none. Even if I’m booed off, I’ll learn from this and get better onstage.”


Where you’ve seen her: As a model in Revlon ads and in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s annual swimsuit issue.

Singing experience: “I sang in church when I was young, and no one ever told me I had a nice voice. But no one ever told me I was pretty either, and I did okay in that business.”

Her goal: “I need to make it at least halfway through.”

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