November 22, 1993 12:00 PM

>Ted Harbert


No one cares as much about TV as the four guys who head up the entertainment divisions at the networks. After all, they are the ones who put together the prime time schedules. And it is their professional reputations that rise and fall with the ratings. During the next few weeks, we’ll ask each of them for a state-of-the-season address. First up: ABC’s Ted Harbert. Hottest Rookies: “NYPD Blue, Grace Under Fire and Boy Meets World have popped out the quickest. But they’re in strong time periods with terrific lead-ins. I’m very proud,” Harbert says, “that Thea is doing so well by itself at 8 o’clock.” Disappointments: “Missing Persons and Lois & Clark. They’re both doing good jobs, and I just need more people to get a look at those shows.”

Wouldn’t Mind Borrowing: The John Larroquette Show (NBC) and X-Files (Fox).

On Deck: “We’ve got The Critic, an animated show from the people who do The Simpsons. Byrds of Paradise is the next Steven Bochco show, set in Hawaii. Tim Busfield stars.”

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