June 02, 2008 12:00 PM

• My three young children need to move, move, move; these CDs do the trick!

BARE-NAKED LADIES SNACKTIME! BNL’s sweet silliness sells songs like “Raisins” (“When I make mistakes/ I use a lot of salt/ ‘Cause salt makes m’steaks taste great”).

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS HERE COME THE 123s After Here Come the ABCs, here are more brainteasers, like the concepts of infinity and the omniverse.

AFRICAN DREAMLAND A compilation of soothing songs by African musicians, this album features rhythms that will please young Lion King fans. It’s perfect for nap time, bedtime or anytime your kids—and their mommy—need a breather.

DAN ZANES ¡NUEVA YORK! The crown prince of contemporary kids’ music draws from South America and elsewhere for this Spanish-language album, which showcases his groovy style.

BABY LOVES HIP HOP The latest in the “Baby Loves …” series, this one introduces hip-hop via prehistoric raps from the Dino-5 (above left), including Tracy Triceratops (Lady Bug Mecca) and DJ Stegosaurus (Prince Paul).

RALPH’S WORD THE RHYMING CIRCUS Rocker Ralph Covert stuffs this CD with ear-tickling wordplay. Best is the hilarious Johnny Cash spoof “Folsom Daycare Blues” (“I pushed a toddler over/ Just to watch him fall/ I’m here in Folsom Daycare/ And it’s no fun at all”).

LISA LOEB CAMP LISA Grab the s’mores! Loeb lends her gentle wit to this camp-themed album, which features familiar sing-alongs like “Peanut Butter & Jelly” and original tunes like “Best Friend,” with its reassuring lyrics about making new pals.

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