December 02, 2002 12:00 PM

>Julianne Moore’s not one to take idle gossip sitting down. After a tabloid falsely reported that she’d suffered an allergic reaction to a sugary beverage on the set of Far from Heaven, “she’d pretend she was going to throw up every time somebody handed her a drink,” recalls director Todd Haynes. “She’s a delightful goofball.”

Then again, feigning nausea wasn’t hard-Moore was three months pregnant when she started the two-month Heaven shoot. Morning sickness wasn’t a big problem, but Moore’s burgeoning belly “drove our costume director crazy,” says the actress, who plays a 1950s housewife whose seemingly perfect life falls apart. “It always looked like I got bigger over the weekend.”

Moore, 41, is comfortable playing Mom off-camera as well. She and director Bart Freundlich, 32, live in Manhattan with their son Caleb, 4, and 8-month-old daughter Liv. “I try not to answer the phone from 6 o’clock to when the kids go to sleep,” she says. Dinner together every night is a top priority, but she admits she’s no Julia Child: “It’s usually takeout.”

Now even her acting projects are family affairs. Moore will star in Raveling, directed by Freundlich and based on a novel written by her brother Peter Moore Smith. “Getting a house for the family when we’re on location, having all the kids there, driving to work together,” she says, “I like all that.” Alexis Chiu

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