August 12, 2013 12:00 PM


On making their sixth album, Trouble Will Find Me

“We were less stressed about it, so I had more fun than I ever have,” says frontman/lyricist Matt Berninger, 42. “I think it has something to do with me having a 4-year-old [daughter]. Being in a rock band isn’t the most important thing.”

On the band’s gloomy songs

“I’m not a depressed guy. But I’m a moody person, and I love digging into that stuff. I never write outside of the music, so if we have a lot of sad songs, I blame the rest of the band!”

On being surrounded by two pairs of brothers in the group

“It’s definitely the glue that has kept our band together. They value and cherish going through this experience with their brothers a lot.”

On recently playing “Sorrow” for six hours straight at the Museum of Modern Art PS1 in N.Y.C.

“It was amazing. You reach this Zen-like state doing it over and over again. But after almost 100 times, it got to me. We went to weird places in our heads!”

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