November 20, 2006 12:00 PM

The actress, 44, gone from General Hospital since ’02, is back as half of daytime’s best-loved duo: Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura Spencer. Fresh from a hospital, Laura will remarry Luke on their 25th wedding anniversary.

ON THE RETURN The offer was so out of the blue. They called and they said, “We’d love to do an anniversary salute to the Luke and Laura saga. You’re gonna love it.”

ON HER CHEMISTRY WITH GEARY We were both feeling nervous, like, “Will it still be there?” And it was! It’s an amazing chemistry. And apparently it has a long shelf life.

ON MOVING TO MAINE IN 2005 My husband [actor Jonathan Frakes] and I wanted family time with our two kids. At some point you say, “What’s important in my life?” I wanted to kick back the pace.

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