By People Staff
April 16, 1984 12:00 PM

Simple Minds

When U2 first toured America in 1981, the band’s acclaimed guitarist, the Edge, brought along some tapes by Simple Minds for psychic sustenance. Few Americans had heard of the quintet from Glasgow, but for U2 (even over in Dublin) they were soulmates. Edge admired what he called Simple Minds’ “operatic” style—the thick guitar and keyboard textures and the band’s plangently declamatory style. That sound is also U2’s. The bands, in fact, share the same producer—Steve Lillywhite, who is just about peerless at getting the maximum heady atmosphere out of the dense, reverberating style. Sparkle in the Rain, the Minds’ second U.S. release, includes an intoxicating cover of Lou Reed’s Street Hassle—a tip of the hat to an important progenitor. The influences of Roxy Music and the Doors are also apparent. The qualities the bands have in common have lifted U2 to two gold albums in the U.S. Though lacking a guitarist as interesting as the Edge or a lead singer as penetrating as Bono, Simple Minds is making a visceral music that could appeal to the same audience. (A & M)