October 24, 2005 12:00 PM

>Nick Lazzarini

On Oct. 5, Nick Lazzarini, 21, a California dance instructor, was crowned winner of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance. His prize? $100,000 and a New York City apartment to call home for a year.

ON HIS BIG WIN It’s frickin’ crazy. It’s overwhelming. I have a lot of friends that live in New York, so I’m excited to get there. I’m sure I have 800 voice mails by now because they’ll all want to party at my new apartment. I can’t wait for the next step in my dance career.

ON WHAT HE’S LEARNED I never thought I’d be good at doing ballroom stuff. One of the judges basically said I sucked the first time I did it. But I pushed through it and when [my partner] Melody and I did the paso doble they said it was flawless. That was pretty amazing.

ON HIS TRAINING SECRETS My mom used to play a lot of music when I was a baby—I’d prop myself up on the coffee table and wiggle myself around. I owe everything to my parents.

ON THE FIRST THING HE’LL BUY Maybe a new pair of shoes. These are the same shoes I wore in the auditions. They’ve seen better days.

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