August 02, 2004 12:00 PM

The Cure Twenty-five years after its debut, The Cure is back with a new self-titled album (its first in four years) and is headlining this summer’s Curiosa Festival. We caught up with frontman Robert Smith, 45.

ON RECORDING THE NEW CD Each [song] was done as a live performance. The last time we did that was the first record, when we only had enough money for three days in the studio.

ON THE CURIOSA FESTIVAL There are a number of bands on the bill who have cited us [as their biggest influence]. I am hoping everyone gets along.

ON HIS ENDURING GOTH LOOK I live with someone [wife Mary Poole] who likes me to look like this. The makeup helps me to be larger than life. I would feel very uncomfortable going onstage without wearing it.

ON NOT HAVING KIDS I have 25 nephews and nieces, so I have the pleasure of lots of children around when I want them. But I can shut the door on them. My wife and I decided at a very early age that we would not have children. I don’t feel responsible enough to bring a child into the world.

ON BEING A MIDDLE-AGED ROCKER I thought that by the time I got to 40, I would have exhausted this particular life. But five years down the line, I am still enjoying it.

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