July 05, 2004 12:00 PM

Kim Fields Kim Fields, 35, guest-stars on the June 28 season finale of Lifetime’s The Division, reuniting her with fellow Facts of Life alum (and current Division star) Nancy McKeon, 38.

ON RECONNECTING WITH McKEON It was like old times. We still have the same laughs. Nancy was like a big sister to me. The last bit of advice I remember getting from her was when I didn’t know how to shave my legs. We still talk about guys and relationships. It was truly like picking up where we left off.

ON THE REST OF THE FACTS SET Mindy [Cohn] and I e-mail. Lisa [Whelchel] has children and she’s moved out of [California], so it’s not as convenient for us to get together, but we keep in touch. Charlotte [Rae] and I talk on the phone. It’s not at all out of sight out of mind.

ON WHAT’S NEXT I have a couple of TV projects in development that I’m pitching. There are two independent features that just got financed. And in September I’m performing my spoken-word CD Smooth Is Spoken Here at a music and poetry festival. People are digging it, and I’m excited.

ON AGING SCHOOLGIRLS There’s this scene on The Division where a car explodes and we run. Nancy, who had just had her baby, runs holding her tummy. I run, holding my breasts. And we’re just like: This is why we weren’t cast as Charlie’s Angels.

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