By People Staff
September 29, 2003 12:00 PM

Adrien Brody

His stolen kiss with Halle Berry notwithstanding, Adrien Brody, 30 and this year’s winner of a Best Actor Oscar, knows how to keep his lips to himself. He plays a ventriloquist in the new comedy Dummy.

ON WHERE HE KEEPS HIS ACADEMY AWARD “Well, I don’t have a mantel. But it’s on the armoire [in my apartment] in L.A. Only in America can a guy from the neighborhood [Queens] work hard and achieve that kind of recognition.”

ON “THE AMAZING ADRIEN,” HIS OLD MAGIC ACT “I used to do children’s parties. I was 11 and I loved being able to pull the wool over the adults’ eyes. It was my first introduction to acting because a lot of it was showmanship.”

ON LEARNING VENTRILOQUISM “I had about two weeks. It was me and the dummy and pages of dialogue. My mom [photographer Sylvia Plachy] would come over and I’d be laying in bed with this little wooden puppet. It must have been strange to watch.”

ON BEING LABELED THE NEXT ROBERT DE NIRO “I’m a big fan. I sat down with him for drinks [two weeks ago]. He offered to give me advice if I ever needed any. It was really lovely.”

ON BERRY CALLING HIM A “WET KISSER” “I was just very enthusiastic.”