August 30, 2004 12:00 PM

Big & Rich Big & Rich, the country duo consisting of “Big” Kenny Alphin, 40, and John Rich, 30, are getting bigger and richer thanks to their Top 10 debut album, Horse of a Different Color.

ON OTHER HIT “SAVE A HORSE (RIDE A COWBOY)” “I really do believe we’re raising awareness of the slaughter of horses,” says Big Kenny. Plus, says Rich, “I have had a lot of cowboys tell me they appreciate us writing that song. It’s helped their social lives.”

ON INCORPORATING RAP IN THEIR MUSIC “To me rap has always existed in country,” says Rich. “Johnny Cash had ‘A Boy Named Sue,’ and he was talking the entire time.”

ON IF IT’S BETTER TO BE BIG OR RICH “It’s better to be both,” says Big Kenny. Adds Rich: “You can’t have one without the other one. If you want to get everything you want out of life, you’ve got to get big and rich.”

ON WHAT MAKES FOR BIG & RICH TIME Says Rich: “Having the most fun you can possibly have without going to jail.”

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